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How to repair wooden windows DIY guide was created by professional tradesman with a vast knowledge within the how to repair wooden windows industry. Feel free to give your advice and or feedback to this how to how to repair wooden windows guide because as they say two heads are better than one when it comes to DIY tasks. how to repair wooden windows has never been easier with our DIY how to how to repair wooden windows guide.

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How to repair wooden windows

Tools Needed

Screwdriver, Mallet, Chisel, Filling Knife, Hand Saw, Scraper, Paint Brush, Thick Gloves, Safety Goggles and a Hand Plane

Materials Needed

Exterior Wood Filler, Exterior Preservation, Primer, Undercoat and Sand Paper


Use your screwdriver and prod around the wooden window to find any soft woodwork under the paint surface. Use your chisel and mallet to chop out any rotten timber. Cut away 20mm (0.8 in) of sound timer around the rotten area for a lasting repair. Remember to use your thick gloves and safety goggles, keeping both hands behind the chisel blade when cutting to avoid harm.

Cutting Away

It is possible that you may need to use a saw to cut larger areas of rot. When doing so, you should try to angle the edges of the repair as angled edges are less noticeable compared to straight edges and angled edges come to an advantage when gluing the new timber securely in place.

Preparing the New Wood

Start off by holding the new piece of wood against where you are repairing the window and mark the shape on the wood. Now trim the wood and hand plane until it fits in the recess. Do not worry if it is oversized at this point. Use a clear preservative and brush the repair area, proceed to leave it to dry for a period of time.


You now need to glue your cut-out piece of wood into place and leave overnight to allow the glue to dry.


Plane and sand the new piece of wood until its smooth ensure it fits in with the rest of the frame. Fill in any cracks around the edges with exterior filler. Touch up small little cracks by applying wood filler, but be generous as the filler will shrink as it dries. Finally apply primer to all the exposed bared wood, followed by undercoat and gloss.
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