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How to solder copper fittings DIY guide was created by professional tradesman with a vast knowledge within the how to solder copper fittings industry. Feel free to give your advice and or feedback to this how to how to solder copper fittings guide because as they say two heads are better than one when it comes to DIY tasks. how to solder copper fittings has never been easier with our DIY how to how to solder copper fittings guide.

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How to solder copper fittings

Tools and Materials Needed

Copper Fittings, Copper Pipe, Wire Wool, Solder, Flux, Flux Brush, Blow Torch, Old Rag/Cloth.


Take some wire wool and twist one end of it into a point. Take your fitting and push the pointed end of the wire wool into the fitting, turning it as you push it in. The cleaner and brighter the copper, the easier the solder will run around it. Repeat this for all sides of the fitting and also for the ends of the pipe that locate into the fitting.

The Flux

Take some flux and brush it into the insides of the fitting where the pipe locates. Remove any excess flux that has pushed into the fitting. Brush some flux onto the ends of the pipe where you cleaned them with the wire wool earlier. Avoid laying the pipe down once fluxed as it can collect dirt – push it straight into the fitting. This will keep it clean.


Take your solder and mould the end into a ‘hook’ shape. Ignite your blow torch and set it to a small, controlled flame. Aim the flame onto the fitting and pre-heat it evenly. Keep testing the fitting by touching the join between the pipe and the fitting with the end of the solder. Once it is hot enough the solder will melt and get ‘sucked in’ to the joint. Melt a small amount around each joint. Once done, brush some flux over the joints to help cool and clean the fitting. Let it cool for a couple of minutes before finally giving it a wipe with a cloth or rag. For Yorkshire fittings, repeat this process minus the solder. Yorkshire fittings come pre-soldered so just need to be cleaned and brushed with flux before being heated.
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