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How to choose the right drill DIY guide was created by professional tradesman with a vast knowledge within the how to choose the right drill industry. Feel free to give your advice and or feedback to this how to how to choose the right drill guide because as they say two heads are better than one when it comes to DIY tasks. how to choose the right drill has never been easier with our DIY how to how to choose the right drill guide.

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How to choose the right drill

Power Drill

There are different chuck capacities; the speed of the drill also increases with size. Sizes: ¼” 3/8” ½”. ¼” is a good quality drill that can go through concrete, metal, plastic and other materials. This drill is better for high speed however has lower torque. This drill is more appropriate for sanding and buffing. The 3/8” drill has more speed then a ½” drill however has less power. This drill can perform most of the tasks of a ¼” and can handle a larger range of drill bits. The ½\

Cordless Drill

There are various available batteries ranged from 9.6 volts to 24 volts. A higher voltage can drill through more heavy-duty materials. An essential feature is an adjustable clutch which allows users to select the degree of force that the drill applies. This prevents stalling and overheating which can affect the battery.

Hammer Drill

Drills quickly through heavy-duty materials. Many models come with a mode selector allowing you to choose rotation only like a conventional drill. Uses unique bit drives and retention methods rather then the conventional geared chuck.

Angle Drill

Uses a angled head designed for tight fits and close-quarter drilling. Available in 3/8” and 1/2*”.
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